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Clinical Case Discussion Forum

Deepen your knowledge in managing general and clinical cases. During this course’s 10 sessions, unique cases will be chosen based on specific SROTAS and DHATU pathologies. 

This course is designed to teach students about ‘Dosha Dushia Vighatana’ meaning ‘Detaching the abnormal dosha from susceptible tissues’ through a specific choice of single herbs and formulas. 

Here’s what students will also get a deeper understanding of:

-‘Nidana Panchaka’ – Five Stages of Pathogenesis with an emphasis on ‘Samprati’ – The Story Of The Disease. 

-The diagnostic tools used in traditional Ayurvedic practices will be explained and employed in each of the proposed cases along with a basic interpretation of the cases’ lab reports. 

-Diet modifications and recommendations to support steady recovery. 

-In certain case scenarios, the protocol for a follow-up and hypothetical outcomes will be highlighted.