Classes & Seminars


Clinical Case Discussion Forum

We at Athreya Ayurvedic Academy are here to support our Ayurvedic
Practitioner Community.

We believe in empowering students and practitioners by conducting free
case seminars through our case discussion forum –SAMBHASHA.


Ayurvedic Kitchen

Ayurvedic Meal Prep Class with Vaidya Jay

Join Vaidya Jay every fortnight to learn about Ayurvedic meal preparation. This is a hands-on experience of putting together a meal based on the ancient wisdom and principles of Ayurveda.


Psychology in Ayurveda & Counseling

This course is designed to provide a deeper understanding of Ayurvedic concepts of Mind and their functionalities. Students will learn how the mind comes into existence, elements that contribute to its manifestation of the mind, and the role of the subtle body.