Ayurvedic Detox and Rejuvenating

Panchakarma is a five-fold rejuvenating treatment that detoxes the mind and body. The body lacks the innate ability to eliminate most toxins left behind by poor nutrition. disease. and environmental health. The presence and accumulation of toxins or Ama in the body result in the blockage of nourishment and energy. thereby leading to ailments. Panchakarma addresses these blockages by thorough cleansing and reactivates the body’s healing ability.

The Benefits of Panchakarma

A panchakarma cleanse can effectively eliminate toxins. correct internal imbalances. and purify the body on a deep level: thereby restoring the natural balance in the body and mind. Panchakarma encompasses five procedures – Vamana. Virechana. Basti, Nasya. and Paktamokshan. Delivered in 5 steps. the Panchakarma cleanse revitalizes the body. mind. and spirit, restoring health and the ability to heal from within.


Vamana is an oleation process wherein ayurvedic medicines are administered to orally eliminate toxins from the body through therapeutic vomiting.


Basti is a herbal enema prepared in the form of natural decoctions to pull out toxins from the colon. The decoctions are specific to the ailment to be cured.


The final procedure is to clean the blood to eliminate toxins. The purification of blood gets rid of superficial issues caused by impurities in the blood.


Virechana involves cleansing the gut through the administration of ayurvedic medicines that cleanse the body of toxins through natural purgation.


Nasya is a natural cleansing technique to cleanse the central nervous system through drops and oils by nasal administration.

Panchakarma Packages

1 Day Program

A luxuriously relaxing ayurvedic ritual.
Abhyanga is the art of massage with
warm healing oils.

3 Day Program

‘Sweda’ means sweating and is a simplified ayurvedic treatment that involves detoxing the system with herbal steam.

5 Day Program

In Sanskrit. ‘Kati’ means lower back and ‘Basti’ means to retain. The use of herbal oil on the back has therapeutic, pain-relieving. and strengthening benefits.

Kati Basti

Janu Basti


Rejuvenating Facial Therapy

Pinda Sweda



Vaidya Parla Jayagopal is one of the most gifted and beautiful spirited ayurvedic doctors and teacher I have met and worked with. Not only does he successfully treat my health issues but I truly feel it is his greatest passion, intention and talent to make you believe in your own power to heal oneself and to inspire you to further participate in making positive change out there. I can only highly recommend his professional expertise, insight and highly intuitive treatment. Namaste 🙂


Hace tres anos fui diagnosticada con cáncer de mama, un tumor mucinoso en el pecho izquierdo el cual fue extraido quirúrgicamente, fui sometida a 30 dias de radiación. Al ano siguiente al realizarme un estudio el diagnostico fue una severa inflamacion en diversos órganos de mi cuerpo tales como medula osea, ovarios, timo, bazo y una adenopatía en un ganglio de mama por lo que me reliazaron 10 radiaciones mas.


I initially went to see Vaidya Jay at the request of my daughter. She had been to him and couldn't say enough good things about him. I was apprehensive at first. I'm a middle aged woman who was overweight, high cholesterol, and heading toward pre diabetes. Upon meeting Vaidya Jay, he puts you at ease right away. He listens very patiently, and has a way that I've never encountered with any other Vaidya of breaking everything down for you. He gets to the root of the problem which in return everything begins to make sense and falls into place.