Spring Panchakarma Detox.

The primary goal of Ayurveda is to promote health and foster longevity. Ayurvedic observances have stated that during seasonal changes, our bodies experience adaptive stress caused by a buildup of metabolic toxins. These toxins need to be released so that our body’s organs and tissues can revitalize themselves.

The great Himalayan masters of Ayurveda attributed the transition between the two seasons for ‘detoxification’, so that the body can shed any accumulated metabolic toxins from the previous season and function at its best for the next one.

Spring is a pivotal period to gently detox our body. This means preparing the body using suitable herbs which can uproot any deep-seated to surface-level toxins, gathering them in our body’s elimination centers, and purging them out.

At Athreya’s Ayurvedic Integrative Health Center, our detoxification techniques are customized based on the current season, an individual’s dosha (body type), possible imbalances, digestive abilities, degree of strength, and the specific body tissues that require cleansing.

Based on these mindful parameters, the entire detox process facilitates thorough and effective toxin removal while enhancing energy and providing nourishment in a way that one needs.

During this detoxification process called Virechana, the first six days are allocated for preparing the digestive and metabolic processes, from tissue to cellular levels.

The next stage involves internally administering some herbal ghee to loosen the toxins wherever they are affixed. What follows is mobilizing all the metabolic waste and toxins for elimination through your skin and gut, which is facilitated by a full-body oil massage and steam bath. This process prepares the gut for expelling out all the toxins on the day of detoxification.

A wholesome diet plan and herbal protocol are usually proposed to help your digestive system and metabolic processes readjust and calibrate post-detoxification.

Do call us if you are interested in this amazing Panchakarma detox process this spring season.